About Us

We, the ex-students of Anjuman School Panchgani play a critical role in the success of this Association, and therefore also to the School’s overall mission and success. ThisAssociation must ensure alignment of our individual and collective efforts, optimize resources, and identify areas of shared responsibility to the university.


The purpose of the Alumni of Anjuman Panchgani Public School shall be to promote the School as an institution of academic excellence and to create and maintain an environment that encourages Alumni participation through volunteerism and financial support.


The vision for AAPPS is to enhance the Alumni experience by providing a ‘concierge service’ to our members. When Alumni have questions, we want them to think of AAPPS for their answers. Providing assistance and solutions to their inquiries allows AAPPS to further engage them in meaningful conversation about their participation, or lack thereof, with AAPPS. By working together, we can fulfill Alma Mater’s mission and motto of providing Truth and Service to the Alumni community.


In whatever field we are in today it’s because of Anjuman. The educational roots of Alma Mater : Anjuman School, Panchgani, might seem to have withered but mustn’t we Anjumanites do something to revive it, least in few years, it will be a history?