International Ex-Students Meet

The event of “DREAM REUNION 2010” gave us an opportunity to reconnect with our Alma mater and with the past / present students and the staff. The event was a milestone in the history of the entire community and was a grand success.

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How it began?

Wisely an idea of forming an alumni body was conceived to bind the community together. The  ex-students met  after the inaugural function , and formed a working committee under the leadership of Mr. Saeed Ahmed and Mr. Badruddin Siddiqui ,to initiate the formation of the association and the trust .

A Trust was formed

Some of the main office bearers nominated on the spot were:

  • Saeed Ahmed (President)

  • Nisar Oomer (Vice . President)

  • Badruddin Siddiqui (Secretary)

  • Aftab Pasha (Treasurer)

Badruddin Siddiqui assisted by Zuzer Nalwala , worked dedicatedly  with the relevant authorities and an association was registered in the year 2010. Later this was also  registered  as a trust with the charity commissioner . The alumni members got actively involved with the affairs of the school by their visits and periodical suggestions for the betterment of the school. The deteriorating infrastructure  of the school was  evident and we expressed our concern to the management .

Meeting the president…

We were invited by the management on the 23rd Jan, 10 for a meeting at the ANJUMAN head office Dr.Zahir  Kazi , President  of Anjuman I Islam was very receptive and requested the alumni to submit a report on the existing infrastructure and suggest ways to  improve the same. A detail report  of the existing infrastructure with long and short term solutions  was submitted on the May 10th , 2010  to the management by a team that visited the school , early  March ,2010 .

The highlights of this report was the encroachment and the security of the sprawling properties on the either side of the Mahableshwar Road , besides an urgent need to improve general hygiene  and water supply .

Team in action…

On the 12th June 10, the report was discussed personally at Mumbai, with the management .The management received it with all the sincerity and promised to implement the suggestions on a top priority.

The team visited the school , subsequently on the management ‘s  invitation and was pleasantly surprise to observe the changes ,with many suggestions implemented, showing a clear intention of the management to change for better.

To facilitate this Dr.Shaik Abdulla , was appointed the chairman  for Anjuman School, Panchgani .

The team again met  on the 27th, Oct 2010 in Mumbai to review the progress of alumni formation and a get together  in January, 2011, but the  meet did not materialized. Alumni registration papers were  handed over to the management on the 29th Oct. 2011.

We revived our request for accommodating alumni representatives on the management committee only for the Anjuman School ,  Panchgani, besides other concerns.

To meet again…

Committee met again in July,  12, 2011 and fixed the dates for Jan,13th to 15th ,2012 for a reunion . A visit to school of the alumni body  on the 6 th March 2013 , was a pleasant experience to see visible transformation in the school infrastructure, students and staff for better…