Plans, Proposals & Our involvement

Advice was sought

During our meeting  dated  May , 14 , 2014 , in Mumbai , President of Anjuman I Islam, Dr. Zahir Kazi suggested  that we submit a report on the  existing education infrastructure , requirements and suggest ways and means to improve  the quality of education and  methods of implementing the same.

The alumni body accepted this task and Mr.Kaiser Dupaishi, ex- teacher of Anjuman  School , Panchgani and presently principal of Singapore International School  Mumbai , was contacted through Irfan Farooqui .

Reporting back!

A detail report was submitted  after a visit of  Mr.  K. Dupaishi ,with Irfan Farooqui and Zuzer Nalwala , in the month of July 14 , wherein he conducted the first workshop in the school.

The report had a long term and short term suggestions to improve the academics environment in the school This was presented to the management through the alumni  in the month of Sept.14, in Mumbai .

The Management received with all the interest and requested for further such workshops and guidance from Mr. D. Kaiser ,with an idea to train and involve the teaching staff  to implement the suggestions.

A detail programme clearly specifying the material required in terms of hardware and software along with costs was submitted. Targeting the primary section, at least 60% of the  suggestions, laid down in the programme  is achieved by the dedicated teachers, supported by Dr. Abdulla and the alumni .




Getting involved:

Visit to the school on the 13th and the 14th March 15was a landmark for following reasons:

1. First time since the inception of alumni we were invited by the management for a meeting  with an entire board , presided by the President , Dr. Zahir Kazi. Secondly, we were subsequently invited to be the advisors for the betterment of the school.

We took this opportunity  and appointed , a group of five members to assist the school in various ways to reinstate the old discipline and routine.

As per Dr. Zahir ‘s earlier request , for a good  administrator , we submitted a resume of Mr.G .Singh , for the post of sports director  , property manager and General Administrator concentrating on the discipline of the students.

Mr. Singh has been an ex student of Anjuman  School ,  Panchgani and his father Mr. G. B. Singh has been a sports instructor and a house master. The interview was arranged in Mumbai and results are awaited.


Some of our members are actively involved by visiting often and sometimes even help staff by sharing their experience of the bygone days .

Alumni members have been visiting for the events at the school such as sports day, founders day, fancy fete etc.

Also assisting the management, in increasing the student strength by preparing and placing huge banners at strategic locations  , cable T V advertisements , handbills and by appointing alumni volunteers in Mumbai and other cities .

Nearly 80% of the targeted strength was achieved due to this teamwork of alumni and the staff.

Doing whatever necessary!

There was dire need for Geysers in the Masjid so geysers were donated and installed in the Masjid (mosque). Alumni group also assisted in putting up an impressive show at the annual school sports the same year.

Alumni group along with Mr. Shamim, assisted the school in  implementing the road work by organizing good contractor at a reasonable rates  and also extending monetary help.

Alumni group led by Yusuf Dakri and Shamim  Momin assisted the school in acquiring a Tata Magic Mini bus. This has helped the school in cut down the transport costs.

Our group has been in constant touch with the teaching and non teaching staff and always been inspiring them for improving discipline  and over all standard of the school.

This is a joint effort and Shamim , likes to share the credit with his group namely : Hamid shah , Kalamullah Bux , Rafi Siddiqui, Azizur  Islam,Rafique Habshi ,Kasim Ansari ,Israr Momin , and other friends form Bhiwandi and Bombay .

Pre-Monsoon repairs in the School

During the 14th March 15th meeting at the school , Dr Abdullah requested the alumni to assist with the well repair before the monsoons.

Alumni deputy Rajendra Mane for the task and the work was taken up in the month of May 14 and completed in three weeks . The professional execution under Mane ‘s capable staff is appreciated by the management .

Items on our “To-do” list

Some of the projects that we identified apart from the above are :

1). Main gate to the campus .

2). Refurbishing a dormitory .

3). Class IV housing / teaching staff housing .

4). Assisting the management for laying down a master plan for the property.

5). Southern boundary wall .

These projects can be addressed by the new committee and a list of donors will be shared to follow up with the fund raising .

Also during the 14 th ,March 2015 , meeting , it was emphasised by the alumni that , the school should strive to simply reinstate the routine and discipline of the times of Capt.Siddiqui , Mr. Peel ,Mr.Naeem and Mr. Shakir.

Handbook published!

To help understand this and implement a complete routine of yesteryears , a handbook was prepared by Nisar Oomer and submitted to the management . Accounts were updated by Badruddin Siddiqui , Zuzer and Hamid  Shah and submitted to the charity commissioner through an advocate Mr.Aziz .


Click here to read  Alumni Handbook

The bank account details  and this report along with the minutes register and a file of correspondence are hereby  submitted for the approval , adoption and directions for the benefit of the  next committee.